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Our Services

Helicopter services/mountaintop assist

Fishing/logging camp relocations and instalations

Marine anchoring for camps and booming grounds

Log construction (breakwaters, docks, stifflegs, floats etc)

Dangerous cargo (serviced with twin engine tug)

Barging logging equipment, gravel, construction supplies, vehicles,

Marine Salvage


Tug & Barge Charter Services

Competitive and inclusive charter only rates for all marine towing and barge services.
Specializing in “out of the box” marine towing/anchoring and logistics
Experienced in shallow draft/river towing; Skeena, Nass and Taku Rivers with logs and barges
Certified Heli slinging crew for heli lift work

About the company

Owner/operator Ben Vanderheide started with the “Tadpole” towing the North Coast in 1995 out of Oona River, Porcher Island. Before that he A-frame logged and beachcombed and fished on his family’s commercial fishboat. Along with his wife they raised their young daughters on the tugboat, slowly growing the fleet to include the “Cricket No 1” the “Imperial Immerk” and the “Lily Pad” Ben knows the coast well having spent his whole life on a boat with the knowledge and experience that comes with that.



MV Imperial Immerk

  • 45” length tugboat
  • newly upgraded 600 horse power tier 3, 9 L John Deers engines with nozzles
  • twin screw

MV Cricket No 1

  • 30” length tugboat
  • shallow draft aluminum
  • 350 horse power 692 TA Jimmie engine
Empty barge Lily Pad No 1

Lily Pad No 1

  • 86’x30’ ramp barge
  • 200 tonne max capacity
  • 20’ ramp

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